oday’s post is dedicated to Victoria’s Secret SEMI-ANNUAL SALE. Don’t be surprised that there are so many nice goods – we shopped on the first hour it started and yet some of the stuff in my basket were gone before I checked out. This year’s Sale on my opinion offered some great deals. You just have to be quick enough to catch them. So, that’s what we got:

1. Tease Fragrance Candle

It’s original price was 800 CZK which is approximately 38,64$ (my web only shows me prices in CZK because of the location) and I got for 405,64 CZK – half price.The packaging of this candle is so cute! And the candle is inside of a really beautiful glass, and on it’s written Victoria’s Secret. So when you use it you can actually keep the glass and use it for storaging of makeup brushes for example. CUTE!

2. Love Fragrance Candle

Same – it’s price was 800 CZK and I bought it for 405,64 CZK. There was also a Bombshell fragrance Candle which I really wanted because I love Bombshell perfume from VS, they were gone even before Sale started, and I checked during the sale – they never appeared. Next time probably…

3. Shine Chantilly Lace Thong

I have them in Powder Blush/ Gold Lurex (CFW) and they were originally about 741,08 CZK (35,75$) and on clearance, they cost 264,41 CZK (12,76$) which is like a great deal I think. They are cute.

4. Chantilly Lace High-waist Thong Panty

Those I got in Black Pearl Foil (CQN) and again they were originally about 741,08 CZK (35,75$) and on clearance, they cost 264,41 CZK(12,76$).

5. Shimmer Lace High-waist Thong Panty

They are sooo beautiful. From this order those are my faves! I got two of them because one I will be giving as a gift. They are really beautiful, the style reminds me a bit of Agent Provocateur. They were also for Powder Blush with Gold Lurex and had same price as those before. Those are VS fanciest pieces and you would like give a lot of money if you would buy them separately on full price.

6. Shine Lace High-Neck Bra

Of course I had to get a matching bra for those I’ve bought it as a gift.  Price was 680,23 CZK  (32,81$) and originally it cost something about 1372 CZK (66,19$) which I probably wouldn’t pay. Who knows though…

7. The Player by Victoria Sport Sport Bra

This is also a gift and it has really nice White Pearl texture. originally about 550 CZK (26,53$) and on sale went down to 271,92 CZK (13,12$). It has cute detailing in the sides.

8. VICTORIA SPORT Mesh-Back Crew

Got it for 462,48 CZK (22,31$) in Color Black Pearl (HE7), originally it was for 1 045,45 Kč (50,46$). The sale price is okay, they should normally go with 22 bucks 😀

9. PINK Ruffle Edge Cheekster  

I really love this ruffle border so I got three of them,  Purple Dog, Surfer Pink, and Colorback ones. I think in general that PINK has the cutest underwear. When Victoria’s Secret has the “sexiest” undies, PINK has the cutest. They were all on sale for 108,62 CZK (5,24$) when normal price was 250,78 CZK (12,11$). All the PINK ones were for 5,24.

10. PINK Cowl Pullover

It’s like a light a bit cropped sweatshirt, for a gym or for home. Comfy, cute, PINK. The clearance price was 816,33 CZK (39,40$).

11. PINK Holiday Body lotion 

The smell is ok, not something I would go crazy for though. I paid 135,04 Kč (6,52$) and normally the price was 550 CZK (26,55$). I’d say here I love the packaging more than it’s fragrance. So for 6 bucks, it’s okay.

12. VS Bow-back Cheeky Panty

The cutest thing! I am obsessed with bows so I HAD to have them! Super excited to wear those. I also have a matching red bra, so it’s gonna be super cute!

If you liked some of the goodies and you want to get them, I found some of them still on VS Clearance page and some on eBay but not always with a Sale price… I will attach a catalog below! Thank you for reading and SHOP! SHOP! SHOP IT!



  1. joana
    January 18, 2018 / 9:29 pm

    OMG I NEED THOSE STUFF! you’ve got some nice taste

  2. Elisa
    January 19, 2018 / 4:48 pm

    Love those panties!

    xo, Elisa

  3. Tereza
    January 19, 2018 / 10:24 pm

    Červené kalhotky jsou boží!

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