ow, in the middle of January, after Christmas holidays are finally over, it’s just the right time to get an idea for this year’s Valentine’s Day. Let’s take a look at things we girls want to own for this occasion and what we should surprise about second half with.

Not a secret, that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about chocolates and hearts anymore. As we grow older, the new standards come along and we want to keep up. Tempting perfume, beautiful lingerie, make-up – this all became a part of it. And we are loving it. What we will be looking for this year, let’s take a tour.

  1. Emporio Armani Because it’s You

    Not hard to guess why the perfume is the top number 1… Perfect fragrance usually leaves a bigger impression than the whole look, and the new Because it’s You is just the right one for Your Day. I’ve first discovered it on pages of the year 2017 September’s Vogue. Of course, the next day I had to go to Sephora to check it out. That moment I fall for it. And not just me – I took my friend there and she loved it, and then my mom got it too, even though she doesn’t often buy sweet fragrances. So, is it on your shopping list yet?

  2. Agent Provocateur Lindie 

    The obvious top 2 is lingerie. And when we speak lingerie for Valentine’s, we speak Agent Provocateur! Lindie set is gentle and playful and romantic at the same time. At the right moment, it won’t disappoint.

  3. Clarins Rouge Eclat

    Red lipstick will perfectly match the occasion. I tried this shade myself and I can tell that’s the one. The shade is not too bright to remind of Christmas and not that one which makes your teeth look yellow. So if You haven’t found Your red lipstick yet, it might be the One!

  4. Christian Dior Rose Chérie

    Now’s the time for the blush tone. If You are using a blush in Your daily makeup routine, then the tone to pair with Your red lipstick is Rose Chérie from Christian Dior. Not too dark and too pink-ish. Again, perfect match!

  5. Christian Dior 5 Couleurs Glow Addict 

    Just the right colors for the occasion – DIOR’s blossom-brights.

  6. Gucci GG Marmont cosmetic case

    After taking care of perfume, lingerie, and makeup, it’s just the time to choose something for the soul. Because it’s never enough of cosmetic bags, huh?

  7. Pandora Explosion of Love Charm

    Not even Your Pandora bracelet has to miss Valentine’s mood. Because that’s the charm that will always remind You of a special day!


Choosing a unique gift for our second halves is always challenging. Let’s forget about Cliché socks and shaving kits and get something he worth! And here is a list for You:


      1. Versace Pour Homme Gift Set $84

      2. Gucci Belt € 270.00

      3. PAUL SMITH Black Canvas Messenger Bag $479

      4. HUGO BOSS Silk Geo Circle Tie $49.97

      5. MOSCHINO Swimming trunks $ 235

      6. JIMMY CHOO Carnaby stars wallet $925

      7. Dior Sauvage 94$



  1. Marine
    January 12, 2018 / 11:59 am

    Great post! Love your ideas!

  2. joana
    January 18, 2018 / 9:30 pm

    a bit pricy but nice

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