Victoria’s Secret, PINK, Zara, LUSH, Sephora HAUL

Victoria’s Secret, PINK, Zara, LUSH, Sephora HAUL
s today is a one lazy grey January Saturday which feels like it’s not even winter and Christmas holidays over for a couple of weeks ago, I decided to reveal my first HAUL. Yesterday afternoon I have received a huge package from Victoria’s Secret. This is first of three orders I’ve made, and this one was exactly right before a SEMI-ANNUAL SALE at VS, so the next two gonna be with the clearance stuff. What’s the funny thing is that on Thursday evening I received a message from DPD logistics that on Friday I should expect a package delivery? SO I’ve stayed in whole day literally waiting for a delivery guy, BUT on 4 pm I realized it’s Friday and I needed to charge my public transportation card because another way I would have to pay for my every travel on the weekend, so I went to the office and guess what? YES, a delivery guy called me! Like, maaaan I’ve been waiting for you a whole day, but you never came, and right on the moment when I leave, you call me? WOW, okay. So and it was Friday and the reception was closed, so I had to call my husband so he could receive a package because if not, I wouldn’t be doing a HAUL now. So, thank you, Tom, for saving my weekend article💗. And on my way home I went to Sephora and M.A.C and also bought some stuff I’m gonna show you. Okay, enough talking, now let’s take a tour of what’s inside…There is a package from Victoria’s Secret, MAC, LUSH and a ZARA box. Now let’s take a closer look…When I opened a black packaging from VS, I found first knee socks from PINK, it’s a package with 2 pairs in it, before the sale I believe they were 380czk, and they probably come in one size so they have to fit okay. Then there was a HUGE box with the candle inside, from PINK again, and a five or seven face masks, I’m not actually sure now, it think there were five. And those I got from the buy 5 for a 250czk offer. Later on, they were sold for 2 for 150czk.And also I got this box with PINK lotion and fragrance mists, ehm for 950czk? Can’t remember and they are not on their web anymore. And with this package came a free tote, I didn’t open it ‚cause I might be selling it on my Vinted account, so if you want it, I will attach a link below later.   And what I’ve been really looking forward to this package is PINKSleigh all day candle. I already had one, but a small one, and it smells ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. It smells like a real Christmas tree and is long-lasting. I want to mention it because we went to Yankee candle store in December to get some candle for Christmas Eve, and my mom liked THE PERFECT TREE candle. We bought two small and when I tried them at home they didn’t smell AT ALL. It was my first Yankee Candle and it was a huge disappointment. I had big jar candles before, but they were both from Village Candle (A Pumpkin cake and Cinnamon Apple) with a really strong, long lasting smell. So basically I now think that YC is way too overrated…

Never mind. Let’s continue. From LUSH I got a naked shower gel from SNOWFAIRY product line. In the store, it was 50% off, so if I paid 176czk the original price was about 352czk. I think it’s a good deal when you want to try something new. I’m definitely not a LUSH person but when I was walking by and they had this huge SALE sigh, who could resist that, right? I KNOW YOUWOULDN’T!The smell is something I can hardly describe. I mean, it’s always a challenge to describe a smell and this one is…sweet?
Well, on the web it says sweet, sparkly and candy-scented. So I’d stick to that…
 Next thing I’ve opened was this Zara box and inside there was a pale pink top with a really pretty neck detail. I remember I discovered it when we went on a trip to Wien and in huge center Zara store I found a top like this but in black, and it was in size L. Seemed to be the last one. But when I tried it on, it was quite tight in the chest area. I hoped, I’d find one on the web in XL, and I did! There were no black, but this pale pink is also okay with me. In fact, I have way too much black stuff in my closet, so I’m happy with this top. Now let’s move to cosmetics. I’ve been running out of my M.A.C Pro-longwear concealer, so I get a new one right away since we ‚ve been planning a night out and who’d like to join the party without perfect coverage on the face, huh?
I have it in RW15 tone, which is more to the pink-ish and it doesn’t give you this wax feeling on your skin, after several hours, like some of Sephora make-up does… This one I’ve been using since 2013 and completely satisfied with. The price was 550czk half a year ago, and now it’s 600czk. From Sephora I’ve got also an eyebrow waterproof pencil – Soft Charcoal perfectly matches my eyebrow tone and

 fills it really smoothly. Price was 240czk. I also have an eyebrow kit from NYX, with two shades and a base for it, but can’t tell that I love it. Not really comfy to apply and gives unnatural look. On the other hand, Sephora pencil is really simple. However, I definitely wouldn’t say it’s a waterproof pencil. Well, for now, it’s best I can find.Next thing is Sephora nail scissors, I don’t really know what to say they are just scissors. And they were
350czk I think. AND FINALLY, I’ve got myself this gorgeous highlighter from Too Faced Blinded by the Light. There were three of them to pick from, as I have this porcelain skin tone, I wouldn’t be getting a gold one, so pink or silver – and silver have won for me. Pink shade from this line seemed too dark for me. It was for 890czk. With my purchase, I’ve got two of free SEPHORA miniatures, which I’m definitely gonna try!

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