ello, You, my dear reader behind the screen, my name is Irena and this blog is about my fashion and shopping obsessions. I know, there are millions and millions of them…But, as for me, a very TRUE shopaholic – there will never be enough, right?! 🛍😉

As we all know, today’s in 2018 is a BRAND NEW ERA of fashion, shopping, and make-up together, all next to each other, being talked about in social media, Youtube etc.What is so new you would ask? Well, let’s make a tour 17-25 years back, into 90’s… Maybe some of us were still too young to care about fashion, but if we will imaging – back then, who you would hear about the latest beauty trends from? From TV-show? Supermodels? A Paris-based fashion guru’s? Fashion Magazines? Remeber those Grunge and Glamour looks? Buffy the Vampire Slayer superstar Sarah Michelle Gellar style? How far these all people seemed to you? And now imagine – TODAY everyone can take a camera, a say „hello,

welcome back to my channel! today we’re going to speak ‚bout my daily makeup routine/my fashion HAUL/what are we wearing this season…“, upload the video on Youtube and, with a bit of taste, originality, and fortune, become someone being listened to!

The models, fashion designers, TV stars become closer to us, by the mean of social media. And we get closer to them, by making videos, writing blogs, taking pictures of how WE are wearing it. And somehow we become followed by.

A simple school girl can now become a new ‚Youtube‘ popularity if she knows HOW TO!


It’s sometimes a big pleasure to take a tour to ‚back there‘, with a glass of wine and a fragrance candle, to realize how things have changed and get inspired for an upcoming fashion year.

         And so I want to share some of my fashion thoughts, a shopaholic foundings and make-up ideas in such an articles. If you love to shop, if there are never enough of HAUL vids for you, if you get inspired by fashion looks, beautiful things, and elegance, you may enjoy my stories with me.

Thank you for reading and meet me soon here, xo 💋



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